Major General Al-Maaitah conveys the greetings of His Majesty, the Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed forces  and His Majesty's pride in the efforts of civil defense personnel.

PSD director  stressed that PSD continues  implementing the visions of His Majesty, in strengthening civil protection, and making development according to well-studied plans that adopt modern science, accumulated experiences, and lessons learned.

Raising the efficiency of qualitative training, and providing trained manpower capable of making the most appropriate field and operational decisions to preserve the safety of citizens.

The Director of Public Security directs the provision of specialized rescue teams and modern technology systems in the operating rooms in the various governorates and regions.

The Director of Public Security observed the modern devices and equipment, and the ambulance services project by making use of medical data transmission systems to obtain direct medical consultations for paramedics.

The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah MAaitah, conveyed the greetings of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed Forces, and His Majesty's pride in the efforts of civil defense personnel, and their continuous efforts to provide the highest levels of security and safety to citizens and residents.

During his visit to the Civil Defense Directorate today, Major General Maaitah stressed the need to implement His Majesty's visions and wise directives, in strengthening our capabilities in the field of civil protection, by providing modern means and equipment, and maintaining the efficiency of coordination at various levels and specializations.

Major General Al-Maaitah praised the performance of civil defense staff and their humanitarian roles in implementing the public security message aimed at preserving lives and property.

Major General Al-Maaitah explained that the capabilities of Public Security are to make development in civil protection systems according to well-studied plans that depend on obtaining knowledge and keeping abreast of modern sciences, with the need to build on accumulated experiences and lessons learned.

The Director of Public Security stressed the need for concerted efforts to provide elements of general prevention, as traffic safety contributes to reducing the number of accidents, environmental awareness contributes to protecting nature, forms of dealing with negative manifestations in various fields, and rapid response to incidents is part of a preventive culture that embodies best practices in order to ensure the preventive safety of the community.

Major General Al-Maaitah referred to the Public Security Directorate's keenness to qualify the human element capable of developing work through training strategies that depend on building a professional functional culture, and providing trained and specialized manpower capable of making the most appropriate field and operational decisions to preserve the safety of citizens.

Al-Maaitah  indicated that Public Security Directorate relies in its development plans on the optimal investment of resources, in conjunction with the provision of the best equipment, machinery and modern technology, and the studied geographical openness to meet the needs of society.

PSD director  passed orders to raise the efficiency of qualitative training, and to provide specialized rescue teams capable of dealing with dangerous incidents in various governorates and regions, with all their equipment and capabilities, adding that  to the importance of the smooth flow of data and information according to a communication network and operating rooms in all governorates and regions.

Major General Dr. AL-Maaitah stressed the importance of proceeding with efficiency and competence in dealing with all security and societal developments, according to a response time that is in line with the best international standards in dealing with multiple and different incidents, in a way that contributes to saving the lives of many people.

For his part, the Director of Civil Defense presented  a briefing in which he explained the most important duties and efforts made by civil defense cadres in the fields of rescue, first aid and firefighting, referring to the achievements made by reducing the response time to various incidents, and the decrease in the number of accidents in the Kingdom compared to previous years as a result of the development of prevention systems and raising awareness levels. .

The Director of Civil Defense presented also the most important operational plans set to implement public security strategies and achieve their objectives in line with the wise royal visions and directives.

At the end of the visit, Major General AL-Maaitah was briefed on the latest devices and modern equipment used in the implementation of various civil defense duties, the most important of which is the project to develop ambulance services by making use of communication systems to transfer medical data to the main operating rooms and emergency departments, to obtain direct medical consultations, and to prepare medical care before arrival. to the hospital.