The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAlah Maaitah, stressed the importance of the role played by the Family and Juvenile Protection Department in preserving the security and safety of society and the family and providing a safe environment for citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

During his visit today to the Department of Family and Juvenile Protection, Major General Al-Maaitah indicated to the necessity of preserving family security and strengthening the legal and social means necessary to preserve the family with all its components, as it is the basic in building society and dealing legally and behaviorally with juvenile delinquency in the best ways to correct them and modify their behavior.

The Director of Public Security added that the Directorate uses all available capabilities to improve the department's work system aimed at protecting the family and all its members by qualified and trained manpower in dealing with these issues, especially women, children and the elderly, as they are the groups most vulnerable to neglect and violence.

Major General Al-Maaitah added that Public Security Directorate spares no effort in translating its aspirations aimed at raising the level of culture among the people of society about the effects of domestic violence, by expanding the establishment of more sections of the Family and Juvenile Protection Department in order to provide security, humanitarian and social services to citizens in all their areas of residence. .

The Director of Public Security praised the qualitative awareness efforts carried out by the department, in coordination and harmony with the various partners, through the mobile awareness team, which contributes greatly to strengthening the preventive aspect of the various segments of society on how to deal with the causes and consequences of violence efficiently and effectively.

Major General Al-Maaytah was briefed by the Director of the Family and Juvenile Protection Department on the progress of work, the efforts made, and future plans to achieve the best interest of the family with all its components.