The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, stressed the importance of academic and training qualification in boosting field security work, by updating the capabilities of the human component, and achieving a balance between theoretical and practical in this field.

Major General Al-Maaitah indicated the importance of providing Public Security personnel  with renewable knowledge, keeping abreast with developments, in a way that achieves the optimal investment of resources and man-power directed to serve the country and the citizen.

Major General Maaitah, during his visit today to the Royal Police Academy, praised the very important role that the academy has played - and still is - in developing security services, preparing security leaders capable of carrying out all tasks and duties, and providing them with various types of science and knowledge, appreciating the scientific efforts that are carried out continuously in cooperation and participatory  with various educational institutions.

Major General Al-Maaitah stressed the level that the academy has reached at the local and academic levels through the scientific and security programs held at it, indicating to the need to implement the training strategies developed with modern scientific methods, and to develop training programs and curricula that are consistent with the reality of field work, without neglecting the need to foresee the future.

On the other hand, Major General Al-Maaitah visited the explosives handling unit of the special branch, and was briefed on the levels of readiness and workflow there.

Major General Al-Maaitah emphasized the high professionalism and accuracy that distinguished the work of the unit and the efforts made by the officers and personnel, directing to provide all forms of support to provide it with the latest equipment and guarantee devices to raise its capabilities and enable its members to perform the duties entrusted to them according to the highest standards.

During the two visits, Major General Maaitah was briefed  by the Commander of the Royal Police Academy and the Explosives Handling Unit director , on the most prominent plans, strategies and programs implemented by these units, in line with the ongoing modernization and development phase in the Public Security Directorate.