Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Al-Maaitah, stressed the importance of the security and organizational efforts implemented by the command of the Stadium Security Unit with the aim of the protection requirements necessary for holding various sports events in the Kingdom.

During the director’s  visit today to the command  of the Stadium Security Unit and his meeting with its personnel , Major General Al-Maaitah appreciated the organizational procedures followed to secure sporting events, and the civilized dealing with athletes, administrators and fans in the stands, which contributed to keeping Jordan a model to be emulated in security dealing with other sporting events at the local and regional levels.

The Director of Public Security stressed the  directorate’s keenness to provide all necessary administrative, logistical and technical capabilities to support the command of the stadium security unit in the required manner, in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities, enabling it to provide security protection for teams, fans, sports delegations and media professionals on an ongoing basis, and contributes to enhancing its accumulated experience in securing various sporting events.

Major General Al-Maaitah was briefed  by the Commander of the Stadium Security Unit, during which he explained the plans, programmes, and security and organizational procedures followed for the success of the local and international sports seasons held in the Kingdom.