9 / 1 / 2024 

The memorandum was signed by the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah and the Director General of Jordanian Customs, Major General Engineer Jalal Al-Qudah.

Major General Al- Maaitah said that Public Security Directorate places, within its strategy, the cooperation and openness with all state institutions as a priority, and is keen to maintain frameworks of cooperation and coordination with those institutions, including the Jordan Customs Department, stressing that this continuous cooperation guarantees the strengthening of capabilities and the implementation of common tasks and duties within a national approach based on exchanging experiences and improving the level of performance in order to improve national security at all levels.

Major General Al- Maaitah confirmed that the Directorate, through the memorandum of understanding signed today, is provides all its training capabilities to the Jordan Customs to enhance the capabilities and skills of its members in various fields, through specialized training programs in the fields of security, police and legal work organized by the training institutes in the Public Security Directorate. 

Through specialized training programs in the fields of security, police and legal work organized by training institutes in the Public Security Directorate.

In turn, Customs Major General Engineer Jalal Al-Qudah confirmed that the Jordan Customs Department continues to achieve its national goals aimed at dealing with various practices that would threat societal security in its various aspects through coordination with all partners, especially Public Security Directorate.

The Director General of Jordan Customs thanked Public Security Directorate for all the support and cooperation it provides adding that the signing of the memorandum of understanding today is a new stage of cooperation added to a long series of existing cooperation with Public Security Directorate, with the aim of raising this cooperation in an integrated training and security approach at the levels as the training process  aims to provide customs employees with practical and scientific skills that enable them to carry out their duties with the highest levels of professionalism, indicating to the importance of this memorandum in preparing new customs employees with a specialized and comprehensive qualification system that simulates the field duties assigned to them, which will be covered by the training program during their stay in the Public Security Directorate’s training institutes.