The Director of Public Security, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, patronized today a workshop organized by the Directorate in cooperation with the Middle East University, entitled “The Reality of Traffic Safety and the Role of Partners in the Traffic Operation,” in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Ain University, Dr. Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din.

The workshop aimed to enhance joint cooperation between the Public Security Directorate and all its partners in the ministries and government institutions concerned with traffic reality, as well as academic and knowledge institutions, to come up with a national plan that contributes to enhancing traffic security according to a well-studied scientific approach that can be implemented in practice, and in a way that contributes to providing a safe traffic environment.

On the sidelines of the scientific meeting, the Director of Public Security directed to enhance traffic awareness work and formulate it in sustainable frameworks and programs that constitute a base for traffic education, and are concerned with consolidating best practices in the field of traffic and avoiding all negative phenomena and behaviors that affect road users.

Major General Al-Maaitah explained that Public Security Directorate is continuing to implement its traffic strategy in cooperation and coordination with all partners, through plans and studies aimed at harmonizing roles between all responsible authorities to work in integration and coordination to implement technical, engineering and traffic recommendations.

For his part, Al-Ain Dr. Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din affirmed that the Middle East University believes in the need to work in partnership that supports the scientific and knowledge efforts that the university possesses, and within the framework of a joint cooperation process with the Public Security Directorate to exchange knowledge and experiences between the two sides in the field of traffic safety, appreciating the distinguished role By the Public Security Directorate in achieving traffic safety through its traffic and awareness departments.

The workshop dealt with a number of main topics that discussed traffic planning based on scientific data and  awareness and traffic education leading to the application of systematic practical studies to reduce human losses

The workshop was attended by a number of senior officers of the Directorate, the administrative and teaching staff at the university, and strategic partners in traffic affairs. The workshop included dialogue sessions and discussion papers presented by specialists in the traffic field from the Directorate of Public Security and the university and representatives of ministries and government institutions, which discussed ways to reach a safe environment on the road and culminated in scientific recommendations. practical in this field.