Today, Public Security Directorate and the Ministry of Youth launched the activities of the "National Program for Security and Youth", which aims to spread security awareness among young people, protect them from the dangers of crime, violence, drugs, and negative behaviors, and consolidate the principles of moderation, security and peace.

This national project comes, in response to the Royal directives, on the need to empower youth and enhance their positive participation in building society, as its activities will be implemented within a framework of integration and partnership between the Ministry of Youth and the Public Security Directorate.

The program takes into account security and community needs, which were collected and analyzed through official data and feedback. Public Security Directorate, through the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate, will provide experts and lecturers specialized in spreading awareness from the competent departments and directorates such as traffic departments, Anti-narcotics department, and family protection department, Environment and Tourism, Religious Guidance and Efta’a, Community Peace center, and Anti- Cybercrime.

The Ministry of Youth will also ensure the attendance of youth participants, and provide them with the necessary support to obtain knowledge, skills and positive participation, through its youth centers and field cadres deployed in all governorates during the year 2023.

The program was launched today in Al-Hussein Youth City, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth, Dr. Hussein Al-Jabour, the Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training, and a number of senior officers and employees.

The Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training stressed that this program is considered one of the most important security programs concerned with youth by interaction with youth, directing their energies, immunizing and protecting them, to build a generation of young people who believe in the values and goals of the Jordanian state, who are confident in their ability and possessing security and social skills that enable him to bring about change and positive participation in building and renaissance of the country.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth, Dr. Hussein Al-Jabour, valued the partnership with the Public Security Directorate in various youth programs, indicating that the national program for security and youth complemented the axes of the strategic plan, which the Ministry of Youth is working to implement, and includes pioneering activities formulated to meet the needs of youth and enhance their Their role as a conscious youth generation with a high level of national responsibility.

Al-Jabour indicated that this project accompanies an approach in providing a safe environment for youth and enhancing the spirit of leadership and volunteer work within a national framework of active participation in achieving security and community peace.

For his part, the Director of Mass Media And Community policing presented a briefing  on the program and its executive plan, which includes a plan to spread security culture and awareness, in addition to a large number of events, cultural and sports activities, training, theatrical performances, and voluntary initiatives, which will include youth centers in all governorates of the Kingdom.