5 / 6 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate and the Ministry of Youth launched today, Tuesday, at Al Hussein Youth City, the National Security and Youth Program 2024, which embodies the ongoing cooperation between the two sides within a framework of integration and partnership in the field of fortifying youth and enhancing their roles in serving society.

The program, which was launched at Al Hussein Youth City for the second year, after its success in the first year, is in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Youth, Dr. Hussein Al-Jabour, the Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training, and a number of senior officers and employees.

The program is based on five dimensions: the security awareness dimension, the cultural and sports dimension, the environmental and tourism dimension, the volunteer work dimension, and the media dimension. The Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate is concerned with coordinating with the rest of the Public Security units and its various formations to provide lecturers and experts in the various dimensions, while the Ministry of Youth facilitates, through its centers, the access of youth and enables them to attend, participate and implement activities and events.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth, Dr. Hussein Al-Jabour, appreciated the great efforts made by the Public Security Directorate to enhance community security and peace, and to work in partnership and integration with all national institutions and to guide young people and invest their energies in this field.

The Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training, Brigadier General Anwar Al-Tarawneh, stated that the Public Security Directorate is participating in implementing this program at the behest of the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. Obaidallah Al-Maaytah, in the context of working in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Youth, in a way that contributes to building a generation of self-confident Jordanian youth, capable of serving Jordan armed with established national values ​​and principles.

The program includes a group of awareness and educational activities and events that come in various forms, including lectures, theatrical performances, sports events, volunteer work, and other constructive and purposeful activities.