Public Security Directorate calls on all citizens to to take necessary measures in light of the weather conditions during the coming hours, the continuation of rain, snowfall, the horizontal visibility as a result of the formation of fog, slips, and the formation of torrential rains in different regions of the Kingdom.

We remind the citizens on the need to take the utmost care as follows

  • Extreme awareness while driving vehicles during rain and low horizontal visibility as a result of fog or snowfall.
  • Taking the utmost care for the desert road due to the dust and low horizontal visibility.
  • Stay away from the sides of valleys and places where torrential rains form, and move to higher and safer places, especially for those who live in mobile housing units .
  • Stay away from water gathering sites, and not risk crossing the road, whether on foot or by vehicles, in the event of a high water level.
  • Safe use of heating methods of all kinds, providing proper ventilation from time to time, and not leaving heaters on while sleeping.
  • Comply and cooperate with the public security men deployed on the roads to guide you and provide you with assistance when needed.
  • Do not hesitate to call the unified emergency phone 911 in case if needed.