28 / 2 / 2024 

Today, Public Security Directorate celebrated the Day of Loyalty to Military Retirees and Veterans, in all regions of the Kingdom, with the participation of number of the PSD retirees.

The celebration of this occasion comes as His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, designated for our comrades-in-arms, military retirees and veterans, in appreciation of their efforts and generosity, and in pride in the great services they provided in commemoration of the souls of the martyrs of duty and the military wounded, who made sacrifices for the sake of defending the homeland.

Public Security Directorate appreciated its personnel, including retirees, veterans, wounded soldiers, and families of martyr.

For their part, the retirees expressed their thanks and loyalty to His Majesty King Abdullah II, who gave them the utmost care and appreciation as they were thankful to the Public Security Directorate for its keenness to communicate with its retired soldiers and to feel their needs, stressing that they will remain the soldiers loyal to the homeland and the Hashemite leadership.