29 / 5 / 2024 

AND destroyed quantities of narcotic substances, seized in (107) cases with finalized rulings.

The destruction of these drugs comes as an extension of the qualitative operational efforts made by the Anti-narcotics Department, which aims to deal with drug dealers in all regions of the Kingdom and to strike the location of drug-dealers who threatens the security of the homeland and the citizen in a way that ensures brought those suspects to justice.

Public Security Directorate works in this field through great cooperation and continuous coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army, the security agencies, and JordanCustoms in the operational and intelligence fields, in a way that prevents the smuggling and trafficking of narcotic substances.

The cases that were dealt with and seized varied between trafficking, possession, and smuggling, and their quantities reached (13,141,000) Captagon pills, (2,211) kg of hashish, (118) kg of marijuana, and (9) kg of cocaine. (23) kg of crystal, (6) kg of Joker powder, (1,250) kg of khat, in addition to (20,000) narcotic pills.

It is noteworthy that the destruction process was carried out under the supervision of a special committee headed by the Assistant Director of Public Security for the Judiciary, and included the Director of the Laboratories Department, the Director of Anti- Narcotics Department, and the Prosecutor General of the State Security Court, where the narcotics was destroyed in special ovens whose temperature reaches a thousand degrees Celsius to ensure its melting and fragmentation.