PSD -  Anti-Narcotics Department destroyed quantities of narcotics that were seized in (490) cases   which had the final court ruling, as part of the efforts of the Public Security Directorate and its work to implement the provisions of the law and the judiciary.

The destruction process was supervised by a special committee headed by the Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training Brigadier General Anwar Al-Tarawneh, the Director of the Laboratories and forensics  Department, the Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, and the Prosecutor General of the State Security Court.

Public Security Directorate continued, within continuous efforts, to carry out specific operations targeting drug dealers and promoters, to pursue them, arrest them, bring them to justice, and seize their possession of narcotics.

The Directorate indicated that the operations against drug-dealers is ongoing to  all those who try to harm Jordan and Jordanians, by spreading, selling and promoting these destructive toxins, and preventing their entry and passage into Jordanian territory, and in high-level operational and intelligence coordination with the Jordanian Armed Forces - the Arab Army, security agencies, and public customs.

It is noteworthy that the quantities of destroyed drugs in the various cases between trafficking, possession and smuggling included (347) kg of hashish, (29) kg of heroin, (43) kg of marijuana, (65) kg of industrial hashish and (5,000,000) A Captagon pills, (77,000) narcotic pills, (33) kg of crystal, (0,850) kg of cocaine, (30) kg, (9300) bags of Joker powder, and (408) kg of khat.