Today, Public Security Directorate  farewells the delegation heading to the Holy Land to perform Umrah for this year, in the presence of Assistant for Operations and Training Brigadier General Anwar Tarawneh and a number of senior officers of the Directorate.

The conduct of this mission, which coincided with the anniversary of the Isra’ and Mi’raj, comes in line with the wise Royal directives, and an extension of the interest of the Public Security Directorate in its employees and retirees, and enabling them to perform religious rituals, because of the spiritual meanings it carries, which establish the principles of the true religion, generosity and sincerity.

The Director of the Efta’a and Religious Guidance Department, Brigadier Dr. Samer Al-Hawamleh, confirmed that Public Security Directorate cares about the personnel  in implementation of the Royal directives, in conducting Hajj and Umrah missions in honor of its members, calling on the participants to use the blessed moments by worshiping and praying, and to adopt the values of the faith and its morals in worship.