Today, Sunday, Public Security Directorate held an Iftar banquet in the Capital Region for comrades-in-arms of workers and retirees, which will be followed by a number of Iftars in the rest of the Kingdom's regions.

The banquet, which was held at the Royal Police Academy, was attended by administrative governors in the region, security and military leaders, and senior active and retired officers.

The representative of Public Security Director welcomed the attendees during the Ramadan evening, which brought together a large number of employees of the Directorate, workers and retirees, stressing that the Public Security Directorate, in implementation of the Royal directives, is continuing the approach of communicating with its people, in honor of them and in fulfillment of their sacrifices that they made to build their institution and serve their country.

For their part, the attendees expressed their pride in the Public Security Directorate, which brought them together to love the country and serve it. The retirees also stressed that they will continue to help their working brothers, in defense of the security of the homeland, under the wise Hashemite leadership.

It is noteworthy that the Public Security Directorate has initiated, starting from today, a series of Ramadan meetings over the Iftar banquet, which brings together workers and retirees in the regions of the Kingdom.