Public Security Directorate at the Juwaida Correction and Rehabilitation Center today honored a number of distinguished inmates who followed the rehabilitation approach and worked hard to develop themselves while they were inside the correction and rehabilitation centers.

23 inmates who had memorized the Holy Qur’an, and 23 inmates who had passed high school  examination, were honored for developing their knowledge and religious values, and correct their behavior in preparation for rebuilding their future as individuals committed to rights, duties, and good citizenship.

This honor comes within a systematic framework that the Public Security Directorate has been keen to follow up to help inmates, motivate those involved in correctional programs to achieve the possible benefit in a way that contributes to enabling inmates to be reintegrated to society as active members, and to stay away from the causes of criminal penalties .

The ceremony was attended by the Assistant Director of Public Security for the Judiciary, representatives of the Ministries of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Education and Health, and a number of committees and associations specialized in caring for inmates.