Public Security Directorate called for following safety measures during the first day of the second semester, which begins tomorrow, Sunday, especially in light of the current weather conditions.

the Traffic Department confirmed the readiness of its personnel and their presence in the field, to facilitate traffic, as students and workers begin to go to their schools, indicating that it will implement, in cooperation with the community policing, guiding activities in the Kingdom's schools, especially in schools that witness heavy traffic in their vicinity.

The Traffic Department called on all drivers in the school transport sector to ensure the maintenance of their vehicles and their readiness to operate during the expected weather conditions in the coming days, and to follow the rules of traffic and driving carefully to avoid slipping.

For its part, the highway Patrols Department stressed the need to be careful while using roads, especially those heading from the governorates to the capital at the beginning of the week, calling on all drivers to follow the instructions issued by the Public Security Directorate and the concerned authorities, and to inquire about the condition of the roads before moving between the governorates.

the Civil Defense Directorate called for the necessity of safe use of heating means in light of the drop in temperatures, the need to check the heaters and turn them off before going to bed, not to leave children alone at the fireplace, and to ensure that homes are ventilated from time to time.