14 / 5 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate launched the “Safe Summer 2024” initiative, which aims to spread awareness and education, provide a safe environment for citizens, and protect them from incidents resulting from negative behaviors during the summer.

The Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, passed orders to the launch of the campaign by taking operational and field measures to raise preparedness and prevent the occurrence of incidents in summer with cooperation and coordination between the relevant units and formations, in addition to the awareness campaign launched by Public Security Directorate in media and societal approach.

The Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training said, during his speech to Public Security Radio, that this campaign, which came under the directives of the Director of Public Security, aims to strengthen efforts to maintain the security and safety of citizens, and to build an effective partnership with all community institutions, especially in summer season due to the active tourist movement it witnesses, and the increase in various social events.

The Assistant added that Public Security Directorate seeks to provide all security and awareness measures aimed at providing the appropriate environment for citizens, protecting them from the dangers to which they may be exposed as a result of some wrong practices and dealing with them through the various units of Public Security Directorate.

The focus will be on some incidents such as forest and tree fires in forested areas, drowning incidents as a result of random swimming, and some incidents involving children such as leaving them inside vehicles, in addition to snake, insect and reptile bites and food poisoning.

It is noteworthy that the Civil Defense Directorate dealt during the past few days with many fires of crops, dry grasses, and forest trees, and also dealt with a number of drowning incidents occurring in places not designated for swimming, such as dams and agricultural ponds.