Today, Public Security Directorate organized the launching ceremony of the Community Security Forum initiative to reject violence under the title "No to Community Violence", which was held at the Hussein Cultural Center, in the capital, Amman.

The organization of the forum came as part of a series of awareness-raising efforts implemented by the Public Security Directorate through the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate, in the presence of the Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations and Training, a number of senior leaders and officers, secretaries-general and representatives of the Ministries of Interior, Education, Higher Education, Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites. , social development, and youth.

The forum was also attended by clerics, community representatives, members of local security councils in the capital and central regions, a number of academic bodies in universities and colleges, students, youth organizations, and a number of civil society institutions.

The forum, which included the organization of community activities coincided with it in the north and south regions, aimed at enhancing security and community peace, addressing violence in all its forms and types, and identifying its causes and effects.

The researcher and social analyst, Prof. Dr. Hussein Khuzaie, delivied a speech during the forum, calling for the consolidation of national efforts within a participatory frame work aimed at sparing society everything that would disturb its peace, stressing the values of tolerance and compassion on which Jordanian society was built and must be consolidated and built upon.

He added that Public Security Directorate is making efforts to address community violence, which is on the top of its priorities as it is one of the changing case over time, and is connected to changing societal patterns and behaviors, which requires dealing with its successive developments.

The celebration included theatrical and artistic performances presented by the police theater team of Community Policing, and educational materials on the dangers of violence on society.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants signed a document of honor renouncing violence and affirming the Jordanian society's pride in its cohesion and solidarity in the face of violence in its various forms.

The forum, which was announced today, includes a series of seminars, meetings and specialized workshops to reject violence and raise awareness of its dangers. It will be implemented by the Directorate of Mass Media and Community Policing in cooperation with the relevant national and civil institutions.