4 / 5 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate organized a celebration on the World Traffic Day under the title: “by our awareness, we arrive safe,” under the patronage of the Minister of Interior, Mazen  Al-Faraya, in the presence of Public Security Director, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, at the Palace of Culture in Al-Hussein Youth City on the occasion of World Traffic Day and Arab Traffic Week under the title, by our awareness, we arrive. Safe.

Al-Faraya said, in his speech, during the celebration, which was attended by representatives of a number of ministries, public and private sector institutions that this celebration seeks change to the better, and highlights what has been accomplished in the field of infrastructure, training human cadres, who monitor the traffic process and modernizing equipment. The vehicles used to rescue and provide assistance to those affected, and the necessary legislation to control traffic operations.

Al-Faraya indicated to the clear seriousness of Public Security Directorate in implementing the new traffic law, which contributed to increasing compliance, and this requires continuing to implement the law firmly, stressing that the traffic operation should not be placed on the responsibility of the Public Security Directorate alone, but rather it is A participatory process between ministries, the government and private sectors, and citizens. For this purpose, the Supreme Council for traffic Safety was established, which began preparing the national strategy for traffic safety.

For his part, Assistant Director of Public Security for Traffic and Foreigners Affairs, Brigadier General Dr. Salem Al-Shamasin, stated that Public Security Directorate is keen to make every possible effort to provide a safe traffic environment, making the traffic safety file a national priority, and since the issuance of the traffic law, it has worked to control negative behaviors and prevent traffic violations that threaten lives and property.

Brigadier Al-Shamasin indicated to the positive results that the implementation of the new traffic law had led to and the importance of traffic awareness, and the necessity of strengthening cooperation and partnership with various institutions, ministries and relevant authorities, to develop plans and formulate strategies that would improve the traffic situation and maintain the safety of road users.

During the ceremony, a number of videos were shown that highlighted the efforts made by the personnel of traffic departments, traffic work strategies, and the application of the traffic law as amended, in addition to videos of the devastating effects of traffic accidents and their impact on society and the individual, and meetings with families of traffic accident victims in addition to the latest traffic studies and surveys were also published during the ceremony.

At the end of the celebration, the Minister of Interior honored a number of supporting institutions and bodies, in addition to a number of exemplary and committed drivers, both military and civilian, from various governorates of the Kingdom, especially those who maintained a clean traffic record.

He also honored the Housing Bank for its active role in supporting traffic awareness, and its continued cooperation with the Public Security Directorate in this field.

Lastly,  the attendees toured the traffic exhibition held by the Public Security Directorate on this occasion, which included a display of the most important modern vehicles, devices and equipment used in the traffic field.