Today, Public Security Directorate organized a specialized seminar entitled "The Role of Religious Discourse in Reducing the Scourge of Drugs", which comes within a series of educational and awareness-raising activities launched by the Directorate to protect society from the scourge of drugs.

The seminar, which was held at the Al Hussein Cultural Center, was attended by the Minister of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khalayleh, the Director of Public Security Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, the Mufti of the Kingdom Abdul Karim Al-Khasawneh, , Dr. Samih Al-Zoubi, and Father Elias Barakat.

The seminar included discussions on  the importance of religious discourse and its influential role in spreading knowledge and awareness of the dangers of drugs, collecting and unifying the community’s word in the fight against drugs, and to confront drug dealers and promoters who seek to make unlawful activities.

the Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh, stressed the importance of faith in immunizing the soul and urging it to stay away from everything that contradicts Sharia indicating to  the participatory roles provided by the Ministry and religious institutions, through Friday sermons, lessons, preaching and guidance as a duty as our religion aims to preserve society and enhance its security in an integrated practical and intellectual framework, especially in the field of drug control.

For his part, Abdul Karim Al-Khasawneh, said that Islamic Sharia came to preserve the five necessities, which are religion, soul, mind, offspring, and money, so we proceed from our religious and national duties to fight this dangerous scourge and the deadly epidemic.

In his turn, the delegate of the Chief Justice, His Eminence Dr. Samih Al-Zoubi, spoke about the destructive effect of drugs, resulting in the disintegration of families and harm to society, which necessitates strengthening religious discourse to confront the danger of drugs and develop solutions to reduce it, prevent its spread and combat it.

For his part, Father Elias Barakat, stated that the Church seeks to direct the parishioners to the paths of goodness and love, and to stay away from everything that distorts God’s creation physically, psychologically and spiritually, which includes raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and ways to prevent them, and develops awareness to create good generations.

The Director of the Ifta’a and Religious Guidance Department at the Public Security Directorate, Colonel Dr. Samer Al-Hawamleh, indicated the directorate’s keenness to move forward in consolidating partnership and sustaining bridges of cooperation with all religious institutions in the Kingdom, in a manner that ensures support for efforts to confront the drugs and other negative and criminal phenomena, within a security concept that transcends in Its dimensions are merely traditional security work, to preventive roles that contribute to enhancing the security and tranquility of society.

The seminar included a number of specialized discussions and research papers that dealt with the foundations and elements of religious discourse directed at serving the community and keeping pace with its needs, especially the drug problem, which requires hard  efforts and roles to explain its harm.