Public Security Directorate organizes a visit for a number of Public Security retirees to the Martyr's Monument and the Unknown Soldier's memorial on the occasion of Mother's Day and Al-Karama battle.

Public Security Directorate, through the Military Retirees Department, organized today a visit of a number of public security retirees to the Martyr's Monument unknown soldier in the northern Jordan Valley, on the occasion of Mother's Day and Al-Karama Battle.

The organization of this visit comes in implementation of the Royal directives, regarding the necessity of paying attention to the military retirees, out of His Majesty’s belief in their importance and gratitude for their beautiful work, and in appreciation of the sacrifices they made for the sake of advancing and protecting the homeland, and in remembrance of the martyrs of the homeland and the duty and wounded soldiers who wrote glory in the pages of History and sacrificed their lives to preserve the security of the homeland and the tranquility of its citizens.

Military retirees and veterans wrote for Jordan an honorable and bright history during their military service, and valiantly defended its pure soil, security and stability, and made sacrifices in the most beautiful forms of belonging to the land and loyalty to the wise Hashemite leadership, and they will remain, as His Majesty the Supreme Commander described them, “the house of expertise”, experience of achievement and mastery of work. In various walks of life and the experience of the good citizen who established the culture of putting the nation’s interest ahead of personal interest, which necessitates us to stand and thank them in appreciation of their efforts for what they have done during their course of achievement and giving.

For their part, the military retirees expressed their thanks, appreciation and gratitude to His Majesty the Supreme Commander King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein for giving the military retirees and veterans the utmost attention and recalling them in all forums, which inspires pride and self-esteem. Their expertise in all security fields to remain with His Majesty's trust and good faith in them.