Intensify monitoring of these practices and take strict actions against the perpetrators

Public Security Directorate called on citizens to cooperate as part of its procedures in dealing with shooting cases and reporting the perpetrators.

the Directorate confirmed in a statement that with the onset of the summer season and the accompanying joys and celebrations, PSD intensify the procedures to monitor such practices, which is a crime against society, and to arrest the perpetrators .Stressing that the measures aim to reduce and eliminate this deadly practices that causes injuries and deaths to innocent.

PSD stressed  the societal responsibility  that falls on all members of society, to contribute to support the role of public security by reporting any practices that threatens the public safety. .

PSD Confirmed in the statement that intensification of its operational and awareness-raising efforts, and that any report received regarding the firing of gunshots will be investigated until the arrest of the shooters and the seizure of the weapons used.