Today, Public Security Directorate and the Justice Center for Legal Aid signed an annex to the renewal of the previously signed cooperation agreement between the two parties, which aims to exchange information and comprehensive legal expertise, in the presence of the judicial assistant, Brigadier General Mohammad Tbeishat, and the head of the administrative body of the center, Maha Al-Khatib.

The renewal of this agreement comes within the framework of the Public Security Directorate's keenness to inform the series of its procedures that it implements through its qualitative departments, especially the Departments of Family and Juvenile Protection, Correction and Rehabilitation Centers and Anti-narcotics, with more legal foundations and within a number of participatory visions with the relevant authorities in this field, in a manner that serves The interest of the country and preserves the safety of society.

The agreement, whose renewal was attended by Acting Director of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Brigadier General Ashraf Al-Omari, includes the continuation of holding and implementing a series of lectures, seminars and workshops related to the provision of comprehensive legal assistance to citizens in a way that ensures the achievement of justice and community security.