The Public Security Directorate and Bayanat Intellectual Property Company signed today a memorandum of understanding with the aim of strengthening security measures in the field of intellectual property rights enforcement and in a manner that ensures that adequate legal and preventive measures are taken to protect the product and the consumer, in the presence of the Assistant for Management  and Manpower, Brig. Dr. Moatasem Abu Shttal and Director of Bayanat Intellectual Property Company Nidal AlKharouf.

Brig. Abu Shttal emphasized that intellectual property rights are receiving great attention in various countries of the world at the current time, as reports issued on acts of intellectual piracy reflect the great international efforts being exerted to curb these intellectual infringements and piracy.

The Assistant for Management and Manpower explained that Public Security Directorate works according to professional and legal standards through the Intellectual Property Protection unit in the Criminal Investigation Department, indicating to the directorate's constant endeavor to keep pace with the laws regulating in this field.

Brig. Dr. Moatasem Abu Shttal indicated that signing this memorandum comes within the partnership approach pursued by Public Security Directorate, which aims to build bridges of cooperation with all official and private companies and institutions to exchange experiences and keep abreast of various developments in this field.

In turn, the director of Bayanat Intellectual Property Company, Nidal Al-Kharouf, praised the great role played by the Public Security Directorate represented by the Criminal Investigation Department in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights, indicating that the signing of this memorandum is an evidence of the directorate’s constant keenness to maintain cooperation frameworks in this sensitive field and to overcome difficulties

It is noteworthy that under the agreement, the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Unit in the Criminal Investigation Department will be provided with a periodically updated database that includes the names of Bayanat Intellectual Property Company clients and their intellectual rights registered in the Kingdom. The two parties will jointly prepare publications, brochures and studies related to intellectual property rights.