A comprehensive traffic plan to organize traffic movements, alternative roads, and deployment of traffic policeman to guide and assist citizens

Facilitating citizens wishing to celebrate and follow the passage of the procession, special yards to park their vehicles, and free transportations.


Securing traffic lines and access to hospitals and health centers, and deploying civil defense points

 The implementation of the traffic plan begins at three o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday 1/6/2023 until seven o’clock in the evening of the same day, on the path of the convoy that extends from the third circle until the eighth and towards the AlSha’eb circle to reach the Husseiniya Palace

Public Security Directorate announced the details of the traffic plan that will accompany the Red royal procession to celebrate the wedding of His Highness Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II - Crown Prince.

The Directorate confirmed that the traffic plan will regulate the times and locations of closures, traffic detours, and alternative routes along the route of the royal procession, and its implementation will start from three o'clock in the afternoon on Thursday, corresponding to 1/6/2023, until seven o'clock in the evening of the same day.

The plan includes the deployment of large numbers of traffic policemen and rescue patrols to guide and assist citizens, and includes closing the road through which the royal procession will pass from the Third Circle (Zahran Palace) towards the Fourth Circle and down to the Eighth Circle (Zahran Street), then towards the AlSha’b Circle and the Medical City (King Abdullah II Street) towards Saad Khair Street, reaching Al-Hussainiya Palace.

The traffic plan also identified places that were equipped in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality, to line up vehicles wishing to follow the royal procession and participate in the national celebrations, as well as free transportations to transport those wishing to reach the procession road.

Public Security Directorate confirmed that the security plan ensured securing the traffic lines and access to hospitals and health centers located on the path of the procession, in addition to the deployment of civil defense points along the road during the closure period.

The Directorate added that traffic and security points will be deployed in the areas surrounding the procession road, and will work to regulate traffic, reduce the intensity of traffic flow towards the path of the procession, according to traffic data in the areas: Sweileh, the patrols traffic light, Queen Rania Street. Sports City circle, Interior circle, Jabal Amman, Umm Uthaina, Wadi Saqra, Mecca Street, Medina Street, Abdoun, Deir Ghbar, Sweifieh, Fuhais, and Bayader Wadi Al-Seer.

The Directorate called on citizens to follow up everything that is published regarding traffic detours to facilitate them, noting that illustrations and maps will be published successively through the media and the official pages of the Public Security Directorate to clarify all procedures.

The Directorate of Public Security confirmed that, as it shares the Jordanians' overwhelming joy on this occasion, public security directorate  convoys to His Majesty King Abdullah II, Supreme Commander of Jordan Armed Forces, and the Crown Prince, the highest congratulation and blessing, coupled with sincere prayers to God Almighty to bless His Highness and preserve him.

The following are the details of the traffic detours that will start from three o'clock, on Thursday, 1/6/2023, followed by pictures and maps that include the places of closures, traffic detours and alternative paths during the wedding ceremonies and the path of the royal procession:

  • The Third Circle, closing traffic towards the Fourth Circle, and detouring it towards Abdel Moneim Riyad Street (Downtown) and Al-Kroum Street towards Abdali.
  • Fourth Circle, detouring the traffic coming from Prince Hashem Street (Abdoun) into the tunnel towards Queen Noor Street (the Interior circle), and the traffic coming from Queen Noor Street (the Interior circle) will be through the tunnel - the suspended bridge.
  • Fifth Circle, the traffic coming from Abdoun (Al-Kindi Street) will be detoured to the tunnel towards Wadi Saqra, and the traffic coming from Wadi Saqra will also be detoured to the bottom of the tunnel towards Abdoun.
  • Sixth Circle, detouring the traffic coming from Al-Sweifieh (Princess Alia Bint Al-Hussein Street) to the bottom of the tunnel towards Um Uthaina (King Faisal Street), and vice versa for the traffic coming from King Faisal Street.
  • The Seventh Circle, closing the traffic coming from Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Street - Al-Haramain circle (Kilo circle) and detouring it towards Al-Tabashir Street - Abdullah Ghosheh Street, or making a detour towards Al-Haramain circle, and diverting the traffic coming from the Airport Road, and the one coming from Abdullah Ghosheh Street to the bottom of Seventh Tunnel.
  • Eighth Circle, detouring traffic coming from Al-Bayader area towards Airport Road - Al-Nahda Intersection.
  • Al-Shaab circle, detouring the traffic movement coming from Al-Shaab Street (Al-Salam Markets) towards Radi Annab Street (Al-Jandawil - Al-Bayader and the traffic coming from Mecca Street towards Al-Ayan Street (City Mall)
  • Medical City circle, detouring traffic coming from Khalda Tunnel to the top of Khalda circle and then towards Wasfi Al-Tal Street, or turn right towards Al-Hijaz Street (Fuheis traffic light).