19 / 4 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate warned of the current dusty weather, the effect of which is expected to increase in the coming hours and this evening.

The Directorate called for being careful while driving in light of the low horizontal visibility in many areas, due to dust, and sometimes its absence on desert roads, with the need to take the necessary measures by patients with respiratory system to preserve their safety.

Public Security Directorate also stressed the importance of adhering to public safety requirements during the moderate and warm weather tomorrow, Friday indicating to the importance of preserving the environment and protecting natural places.

directorate stressed the importance of following preventive measures to maintain public safety, and avoiding drowning incidents, sunstroke injuries, or fires.

Public Security Directorate stated that the causes of drowning are mostly due to underestimating safety requirements and not adhering to preventive instructions and guidelines, especially in dangerous water bodies such as dams, water canals, agricultural ponds, and others.

The Directorate called for following guidelines:

* Choose a suitable and safe place , and stay away from dangerous areas surrounded by warning signs

* Monitor children and do not allow them to approach bodies of water to avoid drowning incidents.

* Do not swim in bodies of water that are not designated for this purpose, such as agricultural ponds, dams, and water canals, and adhere to the warning instructions located near them.

* keep an eye on children while they are playing and prevent them from climbing trees, dangerous rocky sections, or approaching abandoned wells.

* Paying attention to the safety of foods and keep them in a healthy and safe way to avoid poisoning incidents.

* Do not hesitate to call the unified emergency number (911) if needed.