5 / 6 / 2024 

A two-month intelligence and operational effort and investigations in which the security agencies participated led to the arrest of those involved in the two operations and the seizure of the narcotic substances.

The smuggled substances were hidden in heavy trucks  in preparation for smuggling them through the Omari crossing.

The Jordan Armed Forces and security agencies continue to strike the locations of criminal gangs.

Amman – AND foils the smuggling of huge quantity of drugs that were on their way to a neighboring country, and arrested members of two gangs connected to regional drug smuggling gangs.

In the details, Public Security Directorate announced in a statement today, Wednesday, the thwarting of two smuggling operations of about 9.5 million narcotic pills and 143 kg of hashish and the arrest of members of the two gangs.

The Anti-Narcotics Department strike the drug-dealers locations after intelligence and operational efforts that were made over two continuous months of work and investigation, to follow up the suspects and uncover their criminal activities inside the Kingdom and their connection to regional drug smuggling gangs .

The statement explained that the Anti-Narcotics Department followed up the  initial information about two months ago that two groups of suspects  connected  to regional drug gangs were preparing to smuggle large quantities of narcotics.

based on the information received, AND formed special investigation teams from the Anti-Narcotics Department and other security agencies to follow up and verify that information, and monitor anyone suspected of involvement or participation in smuggling operations.

The statement confirmed that the investigation teams worked separately to follow up the two smuggling groups, each within its own investigation scope, and through the ongoing investigation, the features of the criminal gangs and suspects began to become clear to investigators. The teams also arrived to identify the mechanisms and plans of smuggling, which were similar in their criminal method used, which is to hide drugs in heavy construction equipment, which initially indicated the connection of the two gangs to the same regional criminal other.


The PSD statement added that after all these investigation and intelligence efforts that were made to collect information and evidence and follow up them, the investigation teams in the first case were able to determine the details of the smuggling operation and the date of the movement of the heavy vehicle (Jack Hummer) to the Omari border crossing.


The statement indicated that these security efforts enabled the concerned teams to seize the vehicle upon its arrival at the border center, and three million and one hundred thousand narcotic pills were found inside it, hidden in secret hiding places that were prepared in the body of the vehicle.


The statement indicated that in conjunction with the seizure of the vehicle and its driver, the necessary plans were put in place to ensure the arrest of two other drug-dealers involved in the smuggling operation who were planning to disappear from sight at the moment of carrying out the smuggling operation. At the same time, the investigation teams in the second case continued their work to follow up the other gang, which turned out to be made up of five suspects.

The statement said that the investigation teams were able to locate the heavy vehicle, raid it and seize the vehicle, inside which were found approximately five million narcotic pills hidden in the vehicle's body. Three people involved in the operation were also arrested.

The investigation in the second case - according to the Public Security statement - led to identify the location of two other suspects in the gang, who were in possession of large quantities of narcotic substances that were hidden in preparation for smuggling them in another operation.

The statement confirmed that the involved suspects were arrested after they were raided, and the location of the remaining quantities of drugs was identified inside a water well in the Ramtha District, where they were taken out and seized, amounting to one million five hundred and fifty thousand narcotic pills, in addition to 143 kg of hashish.

Public Security Directorate indicated in its statement that investigations in the two cases are still ongoing to uncover all the circumstances, determine all external connections, take all legal measures, and address countries in which it is proven that those involved in the two cases are present on their territories.

The Directorate stressed in its statement that Jordan, with all its military and security agencies, is continuing to defend its security, protect its borders.

The Directorate concluded its statement by emphasizing its continued cooperation and coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army and the security agencies, and working within complementary roles and tasks, and confronting all forms of threats and striking forcefully the dens of drug gangs.