The bullet was fired from a distance of about 1230 meters, and the specialized teams located the perpetrator’s house and seized the weapon used

The perpetrator confessed to having fired a gun in the air  after the bullet injured the victim

The father of the child explained that the victim was waiting for his mother to wear Eid clothes, and appealed to stay away from this deadly behavior.

The Director of Public Security passed orders to follow up on gunfire cases and take firm measures against the perpetrators, with the expansion of a media and societal campaign that rejects this deadly practices, and calls on society to fight it.

  Public Security: All gunshot cases are open until the perpetrators are arrested, and investigative methods are capable of revealing the most complex case conditions.

Arresting everyone who caused death as a result of gunshots since 2017, including four cases last year in addition to this incident, and penalties were taken against  the perpetrators.

Iftaa Department: Unnecessarily firing shots is an assault on lives and destruction of money, and the perpetrator is a sinner and a semi-intentional murderer, knowing that it may lose the lives and property of the safe.

  Public Security calls for reporting cases of bullets being fired and affirms: There is no justification for an act that may kill a person, and lead to a severe penalty that will be applied against the perpetrator and cause him destruction and loss.

The "Between the Lines" program, which is broadcasted on Public Security Radio AMEN FM, revealed details of the investigation process in the case of the murder of a child in Madaba Governorate, who died of a gunshot wound while he was in his home a few days ago.

The Radio program  highlighted the attention on gunshot cases, which have become a practice today in society, and their prevalence rates have decreased significantly compared to previous years, but some people still underestimate and practice them.

The Director of the Laboratory and Forensics Department, Colonel Nayef Al-Zyoud, confirmed that Public Security Director, Major General AbeidAllah Maaitah, passed orders  the follow-up of any case related to the firing of bullets, until the perpetrator is arrested and referred with the judiciary, especially cases that cause material or human losses.

He added, in his speech to Public Security Radio, that the cadres of the Laboratories and Forensics Department have the full ability to uncover the circumstances of any case of firing bullets through technical investigative methods that determine the trajectory of the bullets, the source of their firing, and the weapon used, with a certainty of 100%.

He explained that the Jordanian Penal Code stipulates the actions against  anyone who fires bullets unnecessarily, and the act results in the death of a person.

With regard to the incident in which a three-year-old child was killed in Madaba Governorate as a result of receiving a gunshot in thehead area while he was inside his house, he indicated that the Director of Public Security passed orders to  the formation of a joint investigation committee from the Madaba Police Directorate, the Criminal Investigation Department, the special branch, and the Laboratory and forensics  Department to solve the case and the arrest of the perpetrator as soon as possible.

He added that the efficiency of coordination between the specialized units contributed to facilitating the investigation and preserving evidence through the teams that scanned the crime scene and the entire surrounding area, determined the distance of the shooting, and the type of bullets , then the type of weapon used was identified based on the pieces of evidence taken from the crime scene.

For his part, the director  of the Criminal Investigation Division in the Central Region, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Al-Malkawi, stated that all cases related to firing bullets are considered open cases and are under investigation until the perpetrators are arrested, stressing that no one can escape punishment in the event that this act is committed, which constitutes a crime of assault on  life, as the shooter implicitly accepts dire consequences that may lead to the death of people.

Lieutenant Colonel Al-Malkawi added that despite the difficulty of investigating gunshot cases, criminal investigation cadres and the specialized units of the Public Security Directorate have arrested everyone who caused death as a result of gunshots since 2017.

He added that in the past year, four cases were dealt with as penalties were taken against the perpetrators, and in one of them the perpetrator was arrested and he fired shots in the air from an automatic weapon, killing a young man about 1860 meters away.

he continued, that on the morning of Thursday, 29/6/2023, the second day of Eid Al-Adha, the Madaba Police Directorate and the Criminal Investigation Department received a report that a child had fallen inside his house, and he was treated by his family, believing that the incident  was a predestination due to his fall, indicating that the medical examinations showed the presence of A metal object inside the child's body, so they moved to the site and started field work to find out the circumstances of the crime.

He added that the specialized teams intensified their intelligence work to determine the time of the shooting and search around the house and the neighborhood in which the child lives to monitor any gunshots, while conducting a comprehensive scanning  to identify the perpetrator in partnership with the Department of Laboratories and Forensics, which determined the directions and distance from which the gunshot was fired.

after collecting sufficient information by the laboratory and forensic evidence team and listening to the testimony of the child’s mother, the direction of the bullet’s source and the distance from which it was fired were determined, and it was about 1230 meters from the crime scene, so that the perpetrator’s house was accurately identified and a firearm was seized in the house and after technical comparison and verification matching the gun with the shot, the perpetrator admitted to firing in the air after one of the bullets got stuck inside the gun.

The child's father, Saif, said to the Public Security Radio that his deceased was waiting for his mother to wear him  Eid clothes, when he heard children's voices near the window, so his curiosity pushed him to go to the window to see his child being shot in the head.

He added that the initial indications did not show that he had been shot by a live bullet, as the child was taken to the nearest  hospital, only to discover that he had received a bullet.