public security kickboxing team won  the international professional championship, which concluded its events  in the Turkish city of Antalya on Sunday evening.

Public Security team took the spotlight in the tournament, with all of its (7) participating players winning first place in their weights and with Medals , confirming the distinguished level and good reputation that the team enjoys.

The results of the team were as follows:

1- Youssef Al-Nadi , the first in the weight of under (57) kg.

2- Mohieldin Osama, the first in the weight under (60) kg.

3- The player Uday Abu Haswa first place in the weight under (63.5 kg).

4- Moussa Mohamed, the first in the weight under (67) kg.

5- Muhannad Afaneh ranked, the first in the weight under (71) kg.

6- Anas Bilal, the first in the weight of under (75) kg.

7- Ali Khalaf ,the  first in the weight under (81) kg.

It is worth mentioning that public security kickboxing team coach, Raed Al-Dabaj, won the award for the best coach in the tournament.

Public Security Directorate participated in the tournament with a delegation headed by Lieutenant Colonel Firas Al-Azzam, and the membership of Major Ahmed Al-Azzam, Major Amer Al-Jarrah, Major Tariq Club, and the administrator Ali Al-Adwan, referee Sameh Al-Hayek and team coach Raed Al-Dabah, and the players (Uday Abu Haswa, Mohieldin Osama, Youssef Al-Nadi, Musa Muhammad, Muhannad Afaneh, Anas Bilal, Ali Khalaf).