Public Security Directorate has begun implementing its preventive campaign, “Safe Winter,” aimed at enhancing traffic prevention during the weather conditions that the Kingdom usually witnesses in the winter, which will be implemented by the Directorate of Civil Defense, the Traffic Departments, community policing and mass media directorate.

In this context, the Directorate launched its annual traffic inspection campaign to ensure the suitability of vehicles and their readiness to be driven on the roads during the winter season, and the availability of safety elements in them, which will be implemented by the traffic departments (traffic, licensing, and external patrols) and the Royal Department for Environment Protection, and technical inspection specialists from the Department. Maintenance.

The traffic campaign will include checking and inspecting vehicles by patrols deployed on streets and roads. The vehicles being inspected will be given a sticker to place on the windshields of the ready vehicles. However, in the event of any technical defect, the vehicle owner will be given a notice (without an traffic office ) for a period of ten days.

The launch of the preventive and awareness campaign “Safe Winter” came within the PSD framework  in the importance of spreading awareness and education, and making efforts to prevent accidents which often occur as a result of not following the necessary prevention methods, or a lack of safety tools and equipment.

During this campaign, the Civil Defense Directorate, the Traffic Departments the Community Policing are implementing a number of activities aimed at raising the level of awareness about the proper procedures that should be followed during the winter season and the expected weather conditions such as rain, snowfall, and the formation of torrents and water puddles in low-lying areas, as well as a reminder of the necessity of Proper handling of various types of heating devices.

Public Security Directorate calls on citizens to cooperate with the personnel of the Directorate to follow all guidelines and instructions, and perform appropriate maintenance for their vehicles to maintain their safety and the safety of others during the winter, and to inspect home heating devices and perform maintenance before starting to use them when needed.