The martyrs passed away during a raid on a terrorist cell who carried the takfiri ideology and the suspects in the killing of the martyr Brigadier Dalabeh.

One terrorist was killed, nine others were arrested, and a group of firearms were seized.

Public Security Directorate mourned the martyrdom of: Captain Ghaith Qassem Al-Rahahleh, second Lieutenant Moataz Musa Al-Najada and Corporal Ibrahim Atef Al-Shaqarin, who were martyred for the sake of the homeland.

The Directorate confirmed in a statement that a special security force carried out a raid this morning on a terrorist cell in the Husseiniya area in Ma'an Governorate, after the investigations carried out by the investigation team in charge of the martyrdom of Brigadier Al Dalabeh led to suspecting a group of brothers of the Takfiri ideology.

Public security  added that the Special Security Force surrounded the whereabouts of the suspects. Immediately after the raid began, one of them fired heavy bullets from an automatic weapon at the force, and the rules of engagement were applied.

The Directorate confirmed that the raid led to the arrest of nine other persons suspected of involvement in the case, including four brothers who opened fire at the force, and three other sons of one of them, along with two other persons who were with them. They were arrested with a set of automatic firearms and a large amount of ammunition.

Investigations in  the case of the martyrdom of Brigadier Al Dalabeh confirmed, through information and evidence collected from the crime scene, that the suspicion was limited to that group, most of whose members believed in extremist takfiri ideology.

The Directorate of Public Security indicated that investigations with those arrested are ongoing, and the results will be announced first until the case is referred to the judiciary.