This opening of the school came as a continuation of the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers department’s plan to enhance the fields of rehabilitation and academic learning for the inmates, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, making it the fourth school to begin its work in various correction centers within the framework of an educational and community security partnership between of Public Security Directorate and the Ministry.

In an interview with Public Security Radio AMEN FM, the Director of the Zarqa Correction and Rehabilitation Center, Colonel Alaa Al-Momani, said that the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers has initiated the implementation of its rehabilitation plan, which came in implementation of directives issued by Public Security Director Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah, on the necessity of using the periods of the inmates’ sentences to activities that would give them education and knowledge and enabling them to obtain academic and professional qualifications to help them correct  their paths in a way that reflects positively on their lives.

The director  stated that this school, which provides teaching services to inmates from the seventh grade until the second year of secondary school  received  100 inmates as a first stage, adding that the responsible teaching staff are from the personnel  of Public Security who hold a first university degree and have passed the qualification courses for teachers of the Ministry of Education.

For her part, the Director of Educational Affairs in Zarqa II Education, Dr. Fatima Al-Momani, confirmed that the policy of the Ministry of Education is to ensure education support for all segments of society, no matter how different their circumstances are indicating that the Zarqa II Directorate of Education supported the idea of establishing this school, and took all necessary measures for coordination with the Ministry and achieving all the necessary requirements within a short period so that this school, with its name (Omar Bin Abdulaziz School), becomes a positive reality.

The directorate provided logistical support in the form of books, stationery and all supplies to the school so that teaching could be done in the best possible way, in addition to periodic and continuous supervision and follow-up of the educational process by the General Education Department in the II Zarqa Education Directorate.