PSD player Uday Abu Haswa won the gold medal in the International Club Championship, which concluded its competition today in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

 Abu Haswa scored four consecutive victories in the tournament, the last of which was in the final match against Moroccan player Osama Khalfawi, and before that in the semi-final against the host country's Uzbek player, Kakslan Akhmedov.

 The public security team also succeeded through the gold of the player Uday for the weight of under (63.5) kg, and the bronze of the players Mohy El-Din Osama for the weight of under (60) kg, and Ahmed Al-Shalloul of the weight over (91) kg.

 The players of the Public Security Kickboxing Team continued their remarkable presence in the competition at the world level, and they presented distinguished levels in the tournament. the participation of more than (1400) male and female players, representing (32) countries, most notably (Jordan, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Morocco, and the host country Uzbekistan).

The delegation of the Public Security Directorate in the tournament was headed by Colonel Rashid Al-Shishani, and included the team's coach, Raed Al-Dabj, and the players (Uday Abu Haswa, Mohieddin Osama, Youssef Qassem, Musa Muhammad, Muhannad Jihad, Ali Khalaf, Ali Muhammad, Ibrahim Zayed, Ahmed Al-Shalloul).