-The Murderer  refused to surrender, and threatened to commit suicide before shooting himself in the right side of the head then he was transferred  to the hospital - the intensive care unit, losing consciousness and vital signs.

- Continuous days of work, and the continuous efforts of the investigation team succeeded in identifying the killer, tracking him and determining his location.

 - The Murderer  planned for his crime and used deceptive methods

- The hand of justice will reach every criminal, no matter how hard he tries to hide his tracks

PSD spokesman stated that the continuous efforts undertaken by the investigation teams reached information that led to determine the whereabouts of the murderer of the university girl named "Uday Khaled Abdullah Hassan", born in 1985, in a farm in Balama area. He added that a security force moved immediately to raid the location, and surrounded the killer, who pointed his weapon towards his head, refusing to surrender and threatening suicide.

The force negotiated with him, but he refused and shot himself in the area of ​​the right side of the head  according to the initial medical report. He was transferred  to the hospital - intensive care unit, losing consciousness and vital signs.

PSD spokesman indicated that continuous efforts in all intelligence and operational aspects began as soon as the report was received about the crime, as the Director of Public Security pass orders  from the first moment to form an investigation team from all the specialized units to work around the clock and under his direct supervision adding  that the team collected information and followed up on all the details, events, and what was captured from the crime scene, in order to reach the killer who planned his crime and tried to hide his identity

PSD spokesman said  that the killer escaped immediately after committing the crime without proving that he had communicated with any of his relatives, but the accurate investigative methods enabled the team to determine his identity and his place of residence, and he was raided in a number of locations,  the search process continued over the past few days, intensively until the raid of the killer's hiding place this evening.

the  fire gun in the criminal’s hand  was seized, and a team of forensics  collected pieces of  evidence to complete the investigation, and referred the case to the competent judicial authorities in accordance with the law.

Public Security Directorate extends its sincere condolences to the victim's family, colleagues and the Jordanian society, stressing that the hand of justice will reach every criminal, no matter how misleading he tries.

PSD recalled on everyone not to publish any unreliable information about the crime and not to re-publish what is on social media, unless it was issued by the official authorities, especially since much of what was published was incorrect and contributed to spreading rumors.