The inmate is treated according to the provisions of the law and international standards, and he enjoys consular visits and the relevant international organizations.

  The inmate informed the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers department in writing of his retraction from a strike that he announced a few days ago

PSD spokesman said that the inmate, Bassem Awadallah, informed the concerned authorities in the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers in writing yesterday that he had ended his hunger strike, which he had informed them he would begin last Monday.

The spokesman added that the concerned inmate was transferred to the hospital yesterday to be kept under observation, as the doctors diagnosed him with a middle ear infection, he was given the necessary treatment and left the hospital.

The spokesman Stressed that he receives the necessary health follow-up in accordance with the law and enjoys his full rights, including with regard to visits, communications, medical follow-up and consular visits.

The spokesman denied the allegations of the inmate's lawyer, Bassem Awadallah, in the United States, stressing that they are unfounded allegations, noting that the International Committee of the Red Cross also visited the inmate and was briefed on his conditions of imprisonment, which were fully consistent with Jordanian law and relevant international standards.