Rescue and evacuation of 87 people stuck in water in separate incidents

Responding and dealing with 13 reports of water raided homes

Transporting 127 patients for dialysis by civil defense vehicles

The specialized teams in the Public Security Directorate in the regions and the Civil Defense Directorate, supported by the Gendarmerie Forces, dealt with many reports and incidents during the past hours, through which they provided assistance to citizens in various regions of the Kingdom.

PSD indicated in a statement that until eleven o'clock in the evening of this day, the Directorate of Operations and Control received 17 thousand calls and notifications from citizens, to which the various field units responded.

 PSD indicated that (13) cases of water floods on homes were dealt with in some governorates of the Kingdom, and (87) people were stuck by rain water in their homes, in transport buses, or in their private vehicles were secured and assisted, and they were transported to safe areas.

While the cases of dialysis that were provided by civil defense vehicles for hospitals reached (127) cases.

Some collapses and erosion of silt, stones and dust on some roads were dealt with in cooperation and coordination with the ministries and competent authorities.

Public Security Directorate called for the need to adhere to instructions issued by the competent authorities during the air conditions, and the need to stay away from the sides of valleys and places where torrents form, and the safe and proper use of heating devices, and not hesitate to call the emergency phone 911 in case if needed.