** A decrease in the total number of crimes in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, despite the increase in the number of residents and visitors.

** Decreasing in homicides, criminal and delinquent thefts, car thefts, and the crime rate in Jordan is among the lowest in the world.

** Increasing crime detection rates and reducing solving time, and the year 2023 was marked by raising the efficiency of coordination between criminal departments.

** Jordan is ranked tenth internationally in terms of the level of security and the level of citizens' trust in the security agency.

**The number of murders decreased in the first half of the year 2023, and the perpetrators were arrested by 100%

** Arresting every shooter who caused the death of a person, and no case is closed until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

** Warning against electronic fraud and the exploitation of social networking sites to blackmail victims, especially girls, and criminal investigation confirms complete confidentiality and privacy in dealing with women and children.

**Expert specializing in statistics, Dr. Louay Al-Assaf: The crime rates in Jordan is constantly declining, reflecting the development of the work of the public Security.

** Al-Assaf: Crime will not end, and the most important thing is to arrest the perpetrators. Jordan is among the best countries in the world in crime detection rates, due to the high capacity of the public security officials.

Public Security Directorate revealed, with accurate statistical numbers, the true criminal situation in the Kingdom, compared to the first half between last year 2022 and the current year 2023.

The statistics showed a decrease in total crimes, accompanied by an increase in detection rates, and a reduction in detection time, which was achieved by a great security effort in various field, technical and logistical sides, and coordination between these units.

In a live interview on the “Between the Lines” Radio  program, which was broadcasted on Public Security Radio and its official page, Brigadier General Haider Al-Shaboul, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, affirmed that the implementation of the Royal directives in preserving the lives, and property of everyone residing in the Kingdom is a trust carried by Public Security in its formations and components.

He added that what distinguished the investigattion efforts of Public Security in the first half of this year was the speed of identifying the perpetrator of the crime, in some cases less than an hour, and then arresting him immediately.

he indicated that, with the follow-up of the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAlah Maaitah, he stressed that no case file would be closed until the perpetrator was arrested and referred to the judiciary with clear and unmistakable evidence, with an emphasis on raising the efficiency of coordination between the competent investigative and criminal departments, which led to the completion of Successful professional criminal work.

Regarding the crimes of firing bullets, he explained that work is underway to crack down this crime, adding that everyone who committed a shooting crime that led to the death of a person in the last 6 years was arrested, and that the professionalism of the public Security enables its staff-members to arrest the involved in such cases. The perpetrators of these crimes, even in the event of a lack of evidence, by analyzing data and information and sharing it with the police directorates and criminal laboratories, which work according to modern and sophisticated methods, explaining that the penalty for these crimes reaches imprisonment for a period of no less than 10 years.

With regard to cyber crimes, especially crimes of fraud and extortion, Brigadier General Al-Shboul confirmed that most of these crimes were due to giving trust to others and hastening to make friends on social networking sites, sending pictures, information and data via mobile phones or sharing them with the closest people, in addition to downloading applications and programs from websites. Unreliable, calling upon everyone not to hesitate to contact the Anti-Cybercrime Unit in the event of exposure to electronic fraud in the presence of a trained and specialized female member to investigate in strict confidentiality these cases, especially with children and women, to enable them to talk about the details of the case with the victims in a comfortable way.

For his part, the Director of the Criminal Information Department, Colonel Hatem Al-Tarawneh, indicated that the crime detection rate increased to 94.80% in detecting crimes in general, after the rate was 92.15% last year, while the rate of detecting murders reached 100% in the current year so far.

Colonel Al-Tarawneh indicated that, based on statistical analyzes, the number of crimes committed decreased in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, despite the increase in the number of the Kingdom's population, residents, and visitors. Last year, the Criminal Information Department dealt with 12,690 crimes, while it dealt with 12,642 crimes This year.

He indicated to a decrease in the percentage of criminal crimes by about 2.5%, a decrease in criminal thefts by 3.5%, a decrease in the percentage of misdemeanor crimes by about 5%, a decrease in car thefts by 3.5%, and a decrease in homicides by 1.7%. For example, the rate of car theft is 2 per 100,000. people, if we compare the number of crimes committed with the population.

He emphasized that Public Security Directorate, under the direct guidance from the leadership of the agency, is working today in a professional manner, based on preparing criminal policies based on accurate statistical criminal analysis, which highlights the most important criminal phenomena, with the aim of continuous development and modernization in order to combat crime and develop police performance.

He indicated to the clear increase in the quantity and the advanced quality of the awareness-raising methods and programs adopted by the Public Security Directorate to reduce these crimes and protect society through the Directorate of Mass Media and Community Policing, which is making great efforts in raising awareness against crime, using innovative methods.