20 / 3 / 2024 

PSD spokesman said that The Capital CID division  special investigation team, Zahran police station and the special branch were able to solve the case circumstances of Khamsini’s absence for more than a month, after investigations led them to him being killed by his friend and the team arrested him.

In the details, the spokesman confirmed that the relatives of a fifty-year-old person filed a report about his absence and that there had been no news about him for a while, as a joint investigation team took over the circumstances of the case and searched for the person.

The spokesman added that the team, through the investigations and gathering information about the person, suspected that he had been killed by one of his friends, who was arrested and confessed to killing him and burning his body more than a month ago, following disputes that occurred between them inside one of the abandoned buildings in the Jabal Amman area.

In order to identify the perpetrator, the team dispatched  the place, found the body, and transferred it to forensic medicine, while the perpetrator was referred to the public prosecutor, who decided to detain him in a correction center on charges of premeditated murder.