Public Security Team runners won gold medal  in the Ajman Marathon, whose competitions ended today, Friday, in the United Arab Emirates. public security teams  have won (6) gold medals, among more than (1500) male and female runners representing (20) countries.

Public Security runner Nahida Al-Bawat won the gold medal  of the 10 km, to show a distinguished female presence in the championship along with her teammates who continued winning at local and international competitions.

The results of the players were as follows:

Gold medal in the (10) km race, by runner Ahmed Muhaisin, with a time of thirty minutes and thirty-four seconds

Gold medal of  (5) km by runner Saad Salama, with a time of fifteen minutes and thirteen seconds

Gold medal of  (21) km wheelchairs by runner Ali Al-Sawalma, with a time of one hour and ten minutes and eleven seconds

Gold medal of  (10) km visual disability by runner Nabil Al-Muqabala, with a time of thirty-five minutes and thirty-one seconds

Gold medal of  the (10) km by runner Nahida Al-Bawat, with a time of forty-two minutes and twenty-six seconds

Gold medal  (21) km , under (30) years old, by runner Sabriya Al-Muradat, with a time of one hour and thirty-five minutes and eight seconds .

Public Security Directorate participated in the tournament with a delegation headed by Brig. Samir Al-Hadidi, and the membership of Capt.  Salman Al-Daajah, the coach of the team, Capt.  Hayel Al-Rawahneh, and 1st LT.  Ali Al-Nawaisah, and the players (Raafat Al-Zoube, Ahmed Muhaisen, Saad Salama, Nabil Al-Muqabala, Ali Al-Sawalma, Nahida Al-Bawat, Sabriya al-Muradat).