2 / 3 / 2024 

Public Security kickboxing team won first class in the men’s category in the Kingdom Open Championship.

The Public Security team won after topping the overall standings for the men’s category with (12) medals, including (7) gold, (3) silver, and two bronze in the tournament whose fights were held at the Martyr Rashid Al-Zyoud Hall, with the participation of more than (400) male and female players in the tournament.

The team's players performed at outstanding levels as the  results were as follows:

Under 51  kg: gold medal by Hamza Abu Hassan.

Under 71 kg: gold medal by Musa Mohamed.

Under 86 kg: gold medal by Ali Khalaf.

Under (91) kg: gold medal by Abdul Rahim Al-Maaytah.

Weight over (91) kg: gold medal by Mohamed Nejm.

Under 74 kg: gold medal by Asad El-Din Sharif.

Under 84 kg: gold medal by Abdul Rahman Al Khalayleh.

Under 67 kg: silver medal by Ali Riyad.

Under 75 kg: silver medal by Omar Abu Rabaika.

Under 91 kg: silver medal by player Saleh Sobh.

Under 71 kg: Bronze medal won by Anas Bilal.

Under weight (63.5) kg: Bronze medal won by Siraj Amjad.

It is worth noting that the Public Security Kickboxing Team, whose training is supervised by W.O. Raed Al-Dabaj, has won first classes  in many international and Arab tournaments, most notably the “International Club Championship in Uzbekistan, the Arab Championship in Iraq, and the Indian International Championship,” in addition to winnings at the local level.