An armed clash ends with the seizure of half a ton of hashish, about two million narcotic pills, the arrest of 3 people involved, the injury of two of them and the damage of a vehicle.

Those involved fled from the Al-Ruwaished area with the start of the security crackdown, and took refuge in a farm in the Al-Hallabat area, and hid the narcotics.

 Public Security Directorate: confirms its vigorous follow-up of its operations.

Public Security Directorate continued its intensive qualitative operations to strike drug dealers, in the largest raid carried out since the start of the new operational phase against drug dealers and their promoters.

PSD spokesman said that a security force from Anti-narcotics department , supported by special security forces, raided this morning a farm in the Al-Hallabat area in Zarqa Governorate.

He stressed that the raid was carried out after the completion of the intelligence that showed a group of the most dangerous drug dealers and smugglers had sought refuge in that farm, with the start of the security crackdown in the Al-Ruwaished area, and in an attempt by them to hide huge quantities of narcotics in their possession.

The statement issued by the PSD spokesman today indicated that as soon as the raid began, the drug dealers tried to escape from their hiding place, and transported the narcotics in their possession by their vehicles, where they were chased, and the rules of engagement were applied with them after they opened fire against at the force.

He stressed that the readiness of the high security force to control the situation professionally and arrest 3 of those involved, and two of them were wounded, one with a bullet and the other as a result of his vehicle being damaged, and they were taken for treatment, while there were no injuries from the security force.

PSD  spokesman added that when the seized vehicles were searched, huge quantities of narcotics were seized, estimated at half a ton of hashish, and nearly two million narcotic pills, in addition to an automatic firearm, and investigations were launched to identify all the people involved in the case and arrest them.

For its part, Public Security Directorate affirmed its intention to follow up the operations that it started vigorously to pursue drug dealers and their promoters and arrest them in all regions and governorates.