public Security Taekwondo team continued to achieve international achievements with the national taekwondo team, after their participation in the World Championship and the Grand Championship.

the public security player and the national team, Saleh Al-Sharabati, won the gold medal in weight under (80) kg, in the Taekwondo Grand Championship, whose fights were hosted in the Italian capital, Rome, with the participation of the best (32) world-class players in every weight.

Al-Sharbaty - the silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics - opened his participation by defeating the American Michelle Rodrigues in the round of (32) with a score of (0-2), in the final round he with the Brazilian player Rodriguez Fernandez with a score (0-2), before he achieved victory over the South Korean player Park Hyuk in the semi-finals, and in the final, Al-Sharbaty defeated the Iranian player Mahran with a score (1-2).

Public Security and national team player, Juliana Al-Sadiq, was also won the silver medal in the World Championships, which was hosted by Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Al-Sadiq opened her match in the weight under (67) kg competitions by defeating the Moroccan player Sofia Saleh with a score (0-2) in the round of (32). -2), and she continued her brilliance, defeating the Chinese player Zhang in the quarter-finals, with a score (0-2), and with the same result.

The national team was supervised during the two tournaments by the technical director of the national taekwondo teams, Captain Faris Al-Assaf.