From the moment the report was received, Public Security teams, in all their formations, began searching operations for the missing person

Continuous work around the clock last night in a  area of a distance of more than twenty kilometers enabled the teams to find the dead body inside a pool of rainwater.

PSD spokesman said that PSD staff from the Civil Defense and the Madaba Police Directorate, supported by the international search and rescue team, have started, since receiving the report of the missing citizen yesterday evening, in the Madaba Governorate, in e Khan Al-Zabib area, with continuous searching operations.

the spokesman stated that the continuous work of the specialized teams and the great efforts that were made in the search and inspection operations, which exceeded 20 km, enabled them to find the dead body inside a pool of rainwater.

Public Security Directorate confirms once again not to approach puddles that collect rainwater due to the danger to people and not to risk blocking the road in the event of a high water level, whether they are in their vehicles or on foot.