Public Security Directorate indicated that the security force to secure the match between Al-Faisali and Al-Wehdat teams, deployed at  the  locations  of Al-Hassan Sports City, according to a security plan inside and outside the stadium, to ensure the safety and security of the two clubs and fans.

Public security  indicated that it will provide the highest standards of security and safety for all the public and those present, in a manner that ensures firmness in the procedure, and smoothness in dealing to facilitate the citizens.

PSD added that the Anti-Cybercrime Unit follows up on everything published on the communication sites to deal in accordance with the provisions of the law with anyone who publishes a speech inciting violence and hatred.

Public security called on everyone to cooperate with the security men, and to emphasize turning this match into a title for national cohesion and high sportsmanship that represents our authentic morals and values.