The perpetrator  planned for his crime and hided, he will be arrested for justice.

 His house and several locations were raided and efforts continued until his arrest.

Any statement regarding the case will be formal and clear, in coordination with the judicial authorities and through all media.

PSD spokesman confirmed that the special investigation team formed to follow up the investigations into the murder of the girl inside a private university was launched with continuous efforts through which the public security  was able to identify the perpetrator, who planned his crime and tried as much as possible to hide his identity through misleading methods.

 He added that his house and several other locations were raided and he was not found there and the search for him is still going on.

PSD spokesman added that the investigation team continues his work after the perpetrator’s identity has been identified so that he can be arrested and referred to the judiciary for the crime he committed .

PSD  spokesman called on everyone to abide by what was issued through the judicial authorities to prevent publication in the case, stressing that we will publish all new in a manner that does not conflict with the ongoing investigations and does not affect its progress.

any statement  will be made officially and clearly in coordination with the judicial authorities and through all the media. Added the PSD spokesman