3 / 12 / 2023 

Public Security Directorate stressed the necessity of following the correct use methods for heating devices, checking them before using, and not sleeping and leaving them burning, or leaving them burning in the presence of children without supervision.

The Directorate stated that despite the warnings over the past years and continuing this year, it is still receiving reports about incidents occurring due to negligence and failure to follow instructions when using heaters.

Public Security Directorate had launched its awareness plan for the winter season this year, and one of its most important points was the warning about heaters and the incidents  that result from them, and raising awareness of their dangers.

Major Sanad Al-Manaseer, the media officer and head of the Guidance, Education and Preventive Department in the Civil Defense, indicated in his interview with Public Security Radio AM FM that the Public Security Directorate had activated the winter emergency plan through the Civil Defense Directorate and in cooperation and coordination with the rest of the units and formations in the Public Security.

Major Al-Manaseer highlighted the importance of the awareness aspect that is provided in cooperation with the Directorate of Mass Media  Community Policing , through which the Directorate of Public Security aims to provide a factor of prevention and protection to citizens and residents.

Regarding the use of heaters, Major Al-Manaseer indicated that most of the incidents that were dealt with during the past winter and related to the incorrect use of heaters of various types, as 437 incidents were dealt with, resulting in the injury of 472 people, in addition to the death of 12 others, according to statistics from the Operations Division of the Civil Defense.

Major Sanad Al-Manaseer stressed the need for citizens to follow a number of instructions while using heaters, the most important of which is the necessity of ventilation from time to time, not sleeping and leaving the heater on.

He added that carbon monoxide gas emitted from combustion processes in heaters is colorless and odorless. It combines with hemoglobin in the blood and hinders its ability to transport oxygen, causing the person exposed to this gas to suffocate without the victim realizing it. Therefore, it is said that it kills without warning, as is called the silent killer.