* Everything that is raised about the occurrence of quarrels or riots is incorrect and we have not recorded any security incident since the morning that affected the conduct of the voting process.

Our security forces are in their positions and work according to the security plan set to prevent and control any violation.

* We call on everyone not to pay attention to such news if it is not issued by the official authorities, and to verify any information before publishing.

PSD spokesman said that since the morning, and in conjunction with the start of the voting process, a number of rumors and false information that some tried to spread about security incidents such as quarrels, riots, or stopping of electing stations in a number of regions of the Kingdom, such as Tafila, Maan and Al-Ruwaished governorates, were monitored, such rumors  are misleading and incorrect information whose launchers aim to stir up public opinion.

PSD spokesman confirmed that PSD have not recorded any incident, quarrel or security incident that affected the conduct of the voting process, and that we are following up on those who spread these rumors to arrest them and refer them to the judiciary.

Noting that the security forces are present in their locations and are working in accordance with the security plans established to protect the electoral process to prevent and control any violation that may affect the conduct of the electoral process.