1 / 5 / 2024 

Public Security Weightlifting team achieved remarkable results in the International Masters Weightlifting Championship, which concluded its competitions in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

Public Security team won three gold medals, one of which was in the women’s competition, in the tournament in which (220) male and female athletes participated, representing (14) countries, most notably (Jordan, Greece, Italy, Britain, France, Norway, in addition to the organizing country, Albania). .

Suhaib Al-Farrajah won gold in the weight of (96) kg, lifting (268) kg, (121) kg and (147) kg  and the athlete Ahmed Mounir won gold in the weight of (109) kg, and lifted (290) kg, (120) )Kg and (170) kg, and (87) kg women’s weightlifting gold, achieved by weightlifter Rola Khaled, by lifting (150) kg, (65) kg, and (85) kg.

Public Security Weightlifting Team recently showed  international excellence by winning many international awards, the most important of which are the “Sarajevo International Championship, the West Asian Club Championship, the International Week Championship,” in addition to many local titles.

The team participated in the tournament with a delegation headed by Captain Mohammed Al-Hashem, and its membership included W.O.  Tariq Abu Sakot, the team’s coach, and the players (Suhayb Al-Farrajeh, Ahmed Mounir, Rula Khaled).