21 / 5 / 2024 

Public Security Archery Team achieved outstanding results during the participation in the Third International Horseback Archery Championship, which was held in Poland.

Public Security Team won (3) medals (one gold and two silver) in the participation of (32) knights representing (9) countries, namely “Poland, Turkey, Sudan, the Emirates, China, Qatar, Britain, Spain, in addition to Jordan” competing for All different game modes.

The results of the Public Security Team were as follows:

Gold in the ground pattern by the knight, First Lieutenant Muhammad Ghazi.

Ground pattern silver by the knight, First Lieutenant Ahmed Bani Issa.

Hungarian style silver medal by the knight, First Lieutenant Ahmed Bani Issa.

Public Security Directorate’s delegation to the tournament was headed by Colonel Omar Al-Jabour, the team’s coach, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Al-Qaqa’a, and the knights (First Lieutenant Ahmed Bani Issa, First Lieutenant Muhammad Ghazi).