1 / 2 / 2024 

Public Security Directorate won the award for the best digital government platform for the security and defense sector, as part of the first session of the Social Government Awards launched by the Institute of Social Governments in Cairo, with the participation of more than thirty different government agencies from seven Arab countries, in various categories.

The competition sought to highlight distinguished works in the field of government communication, across social media platforms in the Arab world, in a way that ensures appreciation of government agencies that have succeeded in developing their communication with a high level of interaction, participation, and transparency across social media channels.

The award was received by a representative of Public Security Directorate, the Director of the Mass Media and Community Policing, at the ceremony held yesterday evening in Cairo, while the Ministry of Digital Economy in Jordan won the two awards for government social communication and the best technical application for the Sanad application, while the Ministry of Health won the award for the best content in the field of Health awareness.

It is noteworthy that Public Security Directorate won the award for its page on the social media platform (Facebook) after excelling in several criteria, including the quality of the content, the extent of interaction, ease of access, and community communication.